“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – CS Lewis

Here begins the first blog post of the fickle farce.

It seems that in the course of time, I find myself writing quite a bit for other people – for professors, editors, emails, fiction – all of which are benign and advantageous for my daily growth and what have you. However, I find that rarely – oh so rarely! – do I get to enjoy a good free write simply for the cuss of it.

Yes, and so it appears that that undertaking will be taking place in the form of a formalized blog, not because I consider myself a good writer, not because I feel I have something to say – on the contrary, I really feel as if often have very little to add to the discussion that is life, I also do not consider myself the greatest of writers by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not a smart man… (but I know what love is). I do know this, however, and that is I love two things: reading and writing (there are more, but for the sake of argument). Thus, I believe that my love for reading and writing often helps me in making up for the rather large gap in skill and intelligence. It is much like a musician who perhaps doesn’t have the right ear to play his instrument, but out of his sheer love and devotion to the instrument, he plays it quite well. Or an artist who struggles mightily for creative insight, yet out of her desire and love for what she is doing, she accomplishes masterpieces. In the same way, I strive for perfection in my writing with the help of much reading to help carry out such a task.

And so, this blog will hence be used as my instrument for writing. I don’t really expect anyone to actually “follow” the blog, but am writing and posting for the exercise of writing – to improve on my writing skills in a way that keeps me accountable – for one may just read this!

The blog will be based off of the CS Lewis quote posted above. My reading often gives me great insight. Most of my postings will reflect the latest book I have written, whether a novel or work of theology or whatever. “The fickle farce” has been derived from my joy in making others laugh and the fickleness that sometimes goes along with laughter. Also, I find that in looking back on events, though at the time they may have been rough, we often find ourselves laughing at those events: they are in a sense a farce. (I really dressed that way? I lived there? We ate that? My hair was that long? I looked like an anorexic hobbit? etc.) I believe life works that way. We meet people who rub us the wrong way perhaps, but for the most part after we move on with our lives we remember the good things, and often they become quite comical.


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