To resolve: to come to a definite or earnest decision about, to determine (to do something). That is unfortunately what this new year means for many a person in our land, America the Beautiful. We are animals that desire to “change the way we’ve been and press on to a new me” all the while deciding not to (of course) deal with the root of the issue. Thus, as my dear reader (singular [as I am], and I give my many praises to you, please do spread the word) may be conjuring up in his or her head (not to give you away dear reader, or providing for the chance that perhaps there are two of you containing multiple genders?) that this blog, the fickle farce, is not too big a fan of the New Year’s resolution, I have to commend you, you are correct Sir! (Michael Scott). It has by no means escaped my small little brain that you too are no fan of resolving issues that simply cannot be resolved (e.g. I will continue to read books so long as I have them placed in front my face). Fear not! I will endeavor my time and ability to not go that route. Indeed, I will strive to create a post on my future – a resolution on what I think I want to do with my life. I am not late on my resolve, for this has nothing to do with a new year and everything to do with the fact of there being too little to do during this fantastic evening and one too few a non-related female with which to spend that evening. Thus lets begin our quest into the future.

I dreadfully love contemplating my future which often reminds me to forget the present altogether as I muse myself into oblivion, concentrating on that place and those people. It is ever important, then, to begin this blog with the words of a very portentous individual who lived in the first century. He had this to say about the future.

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”—yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.

Those words are found in the Bible, God’s Word, and despite knowing they are there, I find them to be very convicting every time I read them. Thus, with the future in mind as I venture forth, it may be good to simply state at the beginning: Lord Willing. For if I apply this now instead of throughout, it will keep me from repeating it and becoming obnoxious to you, dear reader.

My future begins tomorrow, the next second actually, but I am going to give a broad idea of what I feel I want to do with my life. It is possible, probable even, that I may change my mind from now until I graduate college. We shall see. For now the fickle farce has officially decided that this little thing called sports must play a very small role or even no role at all. It is becoming more evident to me that sports are one word: insignificant. Or you could even use the word pointless. Every team I root for will more than likely not win a championship in the next few decades, and even if they do, then what? If the Chiefs win a Superbowl for the next 15 years straight then what? Does it mean anything? It does not. One hundred years ago no one really cared too much about sporting activities as they do today, and I wish to go back to that period in time. Would it not be incredible to live in a world in which no television existed, in which no commentator was telling us how to think, in which no sitcom was the most exciting thing happening that night? Thus, for my first resolve, I have decided that the future will hold no television for me as I strive to view sporting events with one emotion: apathy (maybe with a touch of farce used as an emotion).

So that is something that dreadfully needs to change as I am currently not there (still ticks me off that the Broncos are in the playoffs, but this man is getting there). But what do I want to do? Well I can say this, I strongly desire to see other cultures in their own environment, and what I mean by this is that it would basically in its most simplest sense be quite sensational to see myself in certain countries other than my own. Thus for starters, it is directly under contemplation that the fickle farce will move to South Korea after graduation to teach English. I strongly desire to go there for a spell – maybe two years or maybe even more. It should also be noted that after venturing on a noble quest to Denver for a few days this past week, the Fickle Farce is also strongly considering going to East Asia this summer for a missions trip. My desire to go, however, must be checked. For I find myself longing to go more for the opportunity to see another culture rather than actually doing a sort of ministry. Therefore, it is highly important that I check my motives as I am sure I will undergo during the next few days and weeks. The fickle farce does indeed take donations.

Now it seems my motives for wanting to get out in the world vary. I would say that lately I have had a desire to learn about other cultures as the fickle farce is constantly striving to seek perspective in this world. It is portentous indeed to have a bit of perspective in our lives. We are a generation and culture that lives in an ignorant bubble. All we want is the latest technology, our team to win games, good food etc. We have no historical perspective, no world wide perspective on how to do certain things. We (my generation of Americans) believe that everything exists between the two oceans and that everything outside is either insignificant or inconsequential. This tends to be what drives my ambition for wanting to see the world. The idea that in the beginning God created the world (not America) has been on my mind lately. I find it much more enjoyable to learn about how other cultures speak, how they think, how they view the world differently, than to learn about various athletes stats, height, and weight and to spend the majority of my time watching those players on television. Particularly what fascinates me is the language of other cultures. I think, if I had a million years on earth, one thing to study among many would be languages of the world. However, due to time constraints, this will have to be a hobby of mine.

One last bit of information I will leave you with dear reader is what I mused over during my voyage to Denver last week. I found myself once again thrust into a myriad of young believers from a sundry number of spiritual places in their lives and from many backgrounds. In my previous semester, I discovered that I have a very keen mind for that which is theological, and I in turn desire to learn theology and to teach others the beauties of our Creator. However, it was also evident that, in short, I was a jerk when it came to dealing with those who have disagreements with me theologically. Now my being a jerk is not one in which I will come up to you and make you feel like an idiot directly. Instead, I find that my sarcasm and (hopefully) witty jokes about said person’s theology tends to leave them feeling nothing short of an idiot. I am finding more now that, though theology is so very important, – and every Christian should strive to learn theology, to study God (for the intellectual opposition does, believe it or not) – it is not nearly as important as each person’s individual growth in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For whether a person believes in free will or predestination, whether that person believes in sprinkling new born children or immersing new born Christians, the most important thing about that person is how he views God and man and what he is doing to grow in a closer relationship with that God. Thus, with my future ahead of me, I will be striving to love a little bit more, to put my pride on the shelf as they say and to begin to consider each person as more significant than myself. I am a far way away from doing these things – for I fail so often. It is not about being perfect in this life or obtaining perfection. I came into this world a sinner, and I will surely leave a sinner. I came in thinking myself to be more holy than I will leave. Christ told us not to remove the speck from one’s eye before removing a log from our own not because we were to be passive in judging the deeds of others but because we were to fully realize that the biggest sinner in this world is ourselves. For since I can only see my own motivations, I can only rightfully judge my own motives. And seeing those motives makes me realize the depths of my sin. I only see the external of my brothers. It is for this reason that Paul considered himself the chief of all sinners and why I must begin to do so myself as I strive to forget about the past, to not slow down in my efforts to love Christ and others and to embrace my future with open arms, wherever that may take place and with whomever it may occur.


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