Writing as an effort is never a solo project. Inspiration comes from the many sources, and the ultimate Source, the great Author and Muse of all our thoughts gives us the ability to do his work. This simple little blog is no different, and I feel an introduction to its editor-in-chief, a Mr. Samuel Snow, is long overdue.

As many know, Sam took over the secretarial and public relations duty this past June after I officially left the horrid social networking system known as Facebook. As my bark left that shore for the unknown vastness of the solitary sea before me, I quickly discovered the need for a compiler and PR-man to man the very useful Facebook aspect of this blog. Sam (then Weller, now Snow) fit the need perfectly and though he is no doubt a worthless secretary in all aspects of delivering information he has access to, he is, in the end, irreplaceable.

His being a dreadful secretary is in part due to his insistence on not accepting friend requests and overall aloofness in social settings (he is rather modest). In order to expand the small readership of this blog, he will soon begin taking those much needed friend requests to better advertise this blog and generating a more conversational aspect to the blog if you will. The need for this is partly due to my own transience and the creed that both Sam and I adhere to:

“A divided geography is a divided soul.”

The reason I initially left Facebook: man is only man where he is geographically and chronologically located. We do not live in the past; we do not live in the future; we do not live over there or under there; we live here and now, and those long-distance relationships are unfortunately fickle and frail. However, to better connect the far-reaching relationships across this vast country, and may I even say globe, Mr. Snow will begin reaching out on Facebook as he is a more firmly planted individual. More importantly, though, I hope this will increase readership of this blog.

On delegating efforts: Sam Snow will also be taking over the twitter account for this blog. He has recently been given editor status, of which I must say he is a much better editor than secretary. Sam’s role is to sift through the many lines of tomes and hand pick those easily-overlooked gems which enlighten and encourage your souls through the means of a brief tweet or two. On this note, any grammatical errors, spelling errors, factual errors, misquoting of authors, etc. should all be properly attributed to Mr. Snow, and yes he is usually found “under the bus.”

Lastly, it is good to get to know Mr. Samuel Snow. Though a full-time, unpaid employee at the fickle farce, Sam is a poet in his free time, currently working on a compilation titled the sea and snow, a grouping of various religious reflections on his relationship with Our Father in heaven. Sam is responsible for writing and editing the “About” section of this blog as well as sifting through those hidden gems of quotes as was already mentioned. Sam is, in all respects to this blog, a type of renaissance man, who appreciates a pipe and an ale coupled with a metaphysical conversation with like souls as much as a good novel or poem. He lives by an ever-increasing list of creeds which I wholeheartedly second:

  • “A man’s greatness is judged on his willingness to admit a need” or, in short: “Great men know when to ask for help.”
  • “Faster is not always synonymous with better.”
  • “The best tastes in life are acquired tastes.”
  • “A divided geography is a divided soul.”
  • “Though communication becomes cheaper, it should invariably become more poetic.”

In summation, good Sam is now reaching out on Facebook to better connect with my followers and consequently create a thin thread of communication between this blog’s author and his very valuable, his much-appreciated, his slowly-increasing, his forever-loved readers. For without readers this blog would wilt and wither like those light-brown leaves in autumn, and the December chill would cover it in frost. Though my bark has left the social networking shores in search for an island, it searches not for one so uninhabited with Friday’s and Lilliputs, but with real people to love and cherish as we dance our way to the next world.


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