(c) Hull Maritime Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

As lightning strikes in twos or threes,
So came you three to visit me,
One sole unit, yet three in two,
Striking my hearth, my earth, you flew.
Leaving heaven to Vegas arrive,
No man has taken so great a dive,
But our dear Lord—that Three in One,
Who for our sins said, “It is done.”
The God who once would throw the bolt,
Down it He road, as if a colt;
The earth today still feels, still reels
From our Lord’s one thunderous peel.
And thus have I absorbed a shock,
Like a house on sand, not on rock,
Until that day when you or He
Return to me in bright glory.
So I will reel, will feel and wait,
For that great day won’t be too late.

Broom Snow
Written at The Desert Schooner,
Las Vegas, Nevada,
Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Painting: “A Barque Struck by Lightning off Eddystone Lighthouse, Cornwall”
By James W. Wheldon
Oil on canvas, n.d.


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