Michonze, Gregoire, 1902-1982; Children at Play

Squeals—cries from children,
chiding from below,
wailing, adults speak beneath
muffled tones of a television,
buzzing, beating, blaring—
the clap-clap of rubber
on metal
tires treading on tracks, alerting
the children—talking, teasing—
of their presence,
sirens—one, two, too many
always too many—
take over but fade.
Tick-tock of clocks,
The hands that beat out
the little lives of men
like siren calls to a
pending meeting that alert us
death waits for none and
life creeps at its petty pace—
an interruption. An aside. A
break from my mind, broken
by the charm of a child.
The squeals commence.
Now, the
yelling of youth wins.
In Spanish the words blare
against my ear
—“¡vamonos! ¡vamonos!
but return below

Broom Snow
The Desert Schooner I,
Pecos & Bonanza,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Painting: “Children at Play”
By Grégoire Michonze,
Oil on canvas, 1946-47


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