Wells, William Page Atkinson, 1872-1923; Wheat Field

I see you in the golden autumn-leaf,
Blowing on the wind-shaken boughs,
Wilted shelters for lazy cows,
Dipped in the day’s last rays, my waving wheat.

I see you in the whiter winter-fall,
Caked in the morning’s window panes,
Nature’s chalk covers the flat planes,
A snow-white shroud, the prairie’s yearly pall.

I see you in the coming spring-bird’s nest,
Lesser larks building their new home,
Cotton-wood limbs bowed with leaf-loam,
Budding flowers don’t dry her rain-soaked crest.

I see you in the evening summer-star,
Reflected in its gassy shine,
A satellite yet more divine,
I see you here and there so near so far.

Broom Snow
The Jolly Mariner – Rochelle Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 16-18, 2016

Painting: “Wheat Field”
Oil on canvas
By William Page Atkinson Wells (1872-1923)

*As no poem should have any commentary from the poet, I give here some commentary. First, read the much better poem by Tennyson in In Memoriam, Lyric 50. Second, this can be in no way completely biographical. I haven’t seen a cow in nearly a year. As for a poem written to “God’s country,” commonly called Kansas, this falls short. I hope that it will a first of many, more improved poems on the subject.


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